Date: 4 June, 2021

As somebody who has experienced pregnancy 4 times, I learned something new every single time. Every pregnancy is slightly different, but there are plenty of things that I wish I had understood better during my first pregnancy.

There are several things mentioned in this book that I didn’t start applying until my fourth pregnancy, and trust me when I say it made all the difference. In this book you will discover: Pregnancy is something to be enjoyed, not endured You are much more capable of having a happy and healthy pregnancy than you think The most essential exercise for taking control of your health during pregnancy 3 critical fruits to eat for a healthy pregnancy (hint: you’re probably already eating them) How something you learned to do in elementary school can help you gain control of your pregnancy emotions Things you thought would be impossible to accomplish during pregnancy that are actually vital to staying mentally positive The secret to a successful fourth trimester (yes, it’s a real thing) The information and advice in this book is so simple to understand and follow, and will literally make all the difference for you. You are about to embark on an incredible journey and you deserve to enjoy it!

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