Date: 14 November, 2020

If you read to him or her in a calm and gentle manner, it will help relieve the tension your child has built up during the day and allow them to slip off into a deep and soothing sleep.

We often fail to recognize just how important a good night’s sleep is to a child’s wellbeing; that deep sleep sets them up for the following day.
With this guide and a good night’s rest, you will see them wake up in a better mood and free from any stress that lack of sleep invariably causes.

Finally, there is another important aspect to consider. Reading to a child is far more than just an act of storytelling; you are going with your child on an adventure.

You become part guide, part companion, and part co-conspirator. You also become someone who can be trusted and someone to share in some of the child’s most formative memories. Set aside your own cares and concerns for a few minutes and enjoy the journey with them.
If done well, it will be a journey that your child will remember forever. Even if the details of the witches, dragons, and unicorns escapes them, they will always remember their traveling companion.

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