Date: 18 February, 2021

Being shy is a natural and innate piece of mosaic in many people’s character. Overcoming painful shyness, however, requires inner strength. Inner strength comes from recognising our pain and then beginning a process of understanding where the pain comes from, what causes it and finding solutions that help to soften and heal it. This book presents one such map for the journey through painful shyness. While everyone’s path looks different there may be common elements that instruct us all. Whoever we are and wherever we are on this path of healing, we can learn from each other’s weaknesses and strengths, successes and failures. Above all, we can give one another hope. This book is about igniting hope and encouraging faith to persevere and become who are truly are in the process. Sophie Rose Peters is a writer and artist who writes under a pen name. She has written many other books including Creativity and Identity and Healing Anxiety in Empaths. She loves to help people through her work to explore their faith, creativity, spirituality and identity. All her books are available on Amazon.

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