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Are you a young adult looking to improve your life skills? As a teenager, do you want to get your hands on practical tools that will allow you to grow more confident and independent and make informed decisions in your life? Are you ready to get to know yourself better, capitalize on your strengths, and transition seamlessly into a responsible adult? 


Inside Adult Life Skills for Older Teens (Vol. 1) Home Edition, you’ll discover:

●          An introduction to adulting 101. How to prepare for it by learning to embrace yourself, no matter how challenging this has been for you before

●          How to get comfortable in the kitchen by familiarizing yourself with essential kitchen tools, cooking methods, and the best shopping tips that will save you time and money 

●          Everything you need to know about keeping your home clean, maintained, and safe

●          The best ways to form safe and healthy relationships are by recognizing your self-worth, managing your emotions, being the best version of yourself, and getting rid of toxicity

●          All the essential information you need to know if you’re renting

●          Practical ways to care for yourself, enhance your hygiene, and stay physically fit. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to protect yourself with health insurance and essential first-aid information


You’re about to step into a powerful chapter in your life where you’re going to be independent, confident, and ready to be the best version of yourself!


Are you ready to be an empowered young adult? Then read Adult Life Skills for Older Teens (Vol. 1) Home Edition now!

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