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Bowtow by Joe O’Niell


An everyday tale of everyday people…but wait
The trail of murder, Germany, Holland, England and Scotland has Frank and two companions playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse desperate to know why Frank's brother turned rogue and was killed.
Are the police sincere or the opposite to get to the bottom of the dastardly deeds carried out by Irish and German gangsters operating a laundered money and diamond racket.
Has the three friends scuppered the well oiled organisations once and for all or have they embarked on a dangerous journey.

I shot both behind the ear
I put both face down into the fragrant Ems
Wash up on a lonely beach somewhere in the Fatherland
He was found on the little strip of sand beside the Tally Toor in Leith Docks.
Fish food? No, But…
His head was severed from his body!

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