Before End Game, people live their everyday lives, doing simple things and being human.

Cowboy isn't like most people. As an elite hitman, his days are anything but routine. His work takes him all around the globe. His targets are influencers, CEOs, and people in powerful positions of authority.

As Cantor Biotech's CEO, Carly Hennington oversees a behemoth corporation's machinations. But that's just her day job. Carly is a member of The Group, a secret organization bent on global domination.

The Group has tasked Carly with managing the development of a formula that, once unleashed, will prompt a total meltdown of civilization. There is a schedule. Members of The Group have secured refuge for themselves and those doing their bidding on the outside.

A sudden attack on The Group's secret facility in Belgium puts all plans in upheaval, leaving the members scrambling for safety.

Chaos is racing toward them, and everyone else as nations fail in a global domino effect of pandemonium.

Outlaws, murderers, and strange mutants quickly assert a new hierarchy in the law-and-order vacuum.

Cowboy, unknowingly executing targeted individuals at The Group's behest, receives a cryptic warning from his handler. With little time, he rushes to secure his own well-being.

Unaware of the full extent of his unique abilities, Cowboy experiences strange sensations he cannot explain as mutated berserkers spread across the country.

Facing a world overrun with the bizarre and terrible consequences of The Group's misfortune, Cowboy, Carly, and others must navigate a new reality where death or worse lurks around every corner.

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