Dark Waters by Nick Haskins

The Waters’ is a strong, prominent black family in Philadelphia with access to the good life. Money, power, and lack of respect flow through the tight-knit family as destruction threatens to rock the foundation they are all trying to keep together. Judge Waters and his wife, Lillian, work overtime to save their marriage, but when hatred and bitterness take over, all bets are off. Once the fighting starts, their children Keenan Jr., Naomi, and Saint go off into the world, wearing their parents' drama as a coat of arms. They then lie, cheat, and steal, causing havoc in the lives they come across, just like their mother and father taught them to do. Ultimately, damaging secrets and decade-old lies will all come crashing down around them one by one. Then when death comes knocking, The Waters Family and their shattered fate hang in the balance, wondering what’s coming next.
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