Evryn, the Light by Kaighla Rises

On the secluded island of Kenozaria, where women hold power, Evryn Korina—the chief's eldest daughter—is not what her mother hoped she would become. But when a new, formidable enemy threatens her culture and home, Evryn must choose between staying in her mother's shadow or embracing her latent power. With the help of an unlikely ally and the guidance of her ancestors, Evryn must learn to connect with her intuition and her fellow women to harness her inner strength and save her people. Lord Lukin Velga, the last male in his line, is disenchanted with his role and skeptical of his uncle's mission to spread their faith across the world. When he is tasked by the Torch of Branngard with finding and bringing back the chief's daughter, he discovers there is more to her than meets the eye. Captivated by her courage and integrity, Lukin must decide if he will fulfill his destiny or protect the woman he loves from the schemes of his fellow men, no matter the cost. From the climes of Kenozaria to the corridors of Yarrow's Keep to the opulence of the treacherous elites of Rhys Domus, Evryn, the Light is an adventure that blends reality and fantasy. With poetic and thought-provoking prose, Kaighla Rises takes readers on a breathtaking journey, exploring themes of love, the bond between mother and child, and the journey of self-discovery in a world where the power of the divine feminine shines against the encroaching darkness.
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