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Hey you! Want the secret to becoming extraordinary? We’ve got just the information you need! Do you have an underlying dissatisfaction, uncertainty about the future, and an itch for more? At times like these, popular public figures may seem like they possess superhuman power. But the reality is much, MUCH different. Here are just some inspiring elements in this book that’ll help you develop mental toughness and a fulfilling life: What Tim Ferris, Oprah Winfrey, and Jack Dorsey make time for every day despite their packed schedules to keep their mental skills sharp! Why mental toughness is CRUCIAL in all and ESPECIALLY in these four industries (the last one will surprise you). The timeless Japanese philosophy for gradually and incrementally perfecting your performance and why you MUST prioritize longevity over temporary wins. What the 3 Circles are and why you should focus on them—say goodbye to feelings of helplessness with this Stoic-backed concept. How to flex your mental toughness muscles in as little as 2 minutes a day (this simple trick will be a game-changer for you) How a study done by an Italian economist 200 years ago can multiply your mental toughness and productivity today One simple mindset shift that will immediately turn you into the boss of your emotions! (After knowing this, you’ll never let stress consume you ever again.) How this young Pakistani activist defied and SURVIVED an assassination attempt as she embarked on a dual journey of societal change and inner transformation. …and much, much more.
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