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Hi, I’m Brian Fried and I’m an inventor just like you. Do you have this great idea for an invention in your head? Are you ready to learn how to make money with that invention?

This book is about taking action so you can take that great idea out of your head and make smart decisions to help you make money. Here’s how it works:

  • We’re going to walk through the steps of getting started with your big idea.
  • We’ll also explore how to turn your idea into a real prototype.
  • We’ll discover resources to protect your ideas and, of course, help plan your future.

As a serial inventor myself, many of my inventions have reached retail where people can buy my products on TV infomercials and home shopping channels, catalogs, and online retailers through licensing and manufacturing. I’ve also mentored and represented other inventors for 15+ years at all stages of their inventions, providing feedback and product development, understanding of licensing and manufacturing and also providing turnkey solutions to help make ideas a reality. I’ve participated as a public speaker at major tradeshows and I continue to lead innovation groups around the country.

So why did I write this book? I want to provide the opportunity for more inventors to learn the process it takes to experience the invention brought to life. Not only to make your invention a reality, but to learn how to earn from your inventions.

I’m honored that you’ve decided to take this step with me.
Now, let’s begin.
-Brian Fried

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