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If you feel inadequate, you are not alone!

If you feel inadequate for a leadership role, there is no better way to prepare than to learn as much as you can about leadership now.

In Leadership For The New Female Manager, you'll discover:

● How to overcome imposter syndrome and feel comfortable leading people, even if you do not have as much experience as everyone else.

How to evaluate your natural strengths, talents, and attributes, then use them to boost your influence in the workplace.

● A deep understanding of the human side of leadership that you will not find anywhere else to help you grow your leadership skills.

● How to draw information out of people in a gentle, authentic way and use the feedback to progress within your organization.

Leading a team early in your career is an excellent opportunity to excel significantly in your field. Simon Sinek once said, "A boss has a title. A leader has the people." In this book, you will learn how to be a leader of people.

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