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Ian Brown works his way through the 1970s and beyond in financial services and property. Vivienne Streeter crosses his path, briefly and her disappearance and reappearance almost 40 years later hovers as a distant spectre in his life. He marries and has a conventional marriage and family life. Throughout he is haunted by this lady he met in the course of his work in York. There was no lasting relationship, just two differing but incisive liaisons cast a shadow then and in the present.
What happened after their last meeting?
Was his old manager and mentor in York directly involved?
Is there an answer or does the truth emerge more darkly, even fatally, as he remembers and traverses the rutted roadways of his life?
Against a backdrop of the seventies and eighties a complex web of circumstances weave an intriguing tale of human weakness and a streak of fate.

Leon Gray is the author of
In the Stars.
Then and Now.

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