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Kindle Sale $2.99 from 1/3 through 1/9. Moving Mama is a great resource for families dealing with Alzheimer's. One reader says: the book is “a treasure not to be missed, succinctly written, resourceful, honest, creative. Anne has the very special gift of making you feel as if you are both in the same room together, sharing the many dilemmas of taking care of an aging parent with Alzheimer’s disease.”Another tells us that “Moving Mama is not just a collection of stories; it’s a roadmap for those on a similar journey. Egan’s background as a health and aging researcher adds depth to her insights, making this book a valuable resource for anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s.” The book is filled with stories, tools and resources for your journey together. “At its core, this story speaks of hope – despite all of the challenges Alzheimer’s presents," says someone who knows what he's talking about. Check out this book and its ratings on Amazon. I hope that it is a helpful resource for you and your family.
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