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Taming Fear in the Age of Covid by Winfried Sedhoff



Fear, Unchecked, Dominates and Ruins Lives. 

In today’s world, it’s easy to fall victim to fear. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic caused fear levels to surge, sending global anxiety and stress levels to new highs. We worry about how we’ll get by. We fear for the future. But all hope is not lost; you can overcome your fears and thrive.

With Taming Fear in the Age of Covid, mental health professional Dr. Winfried Sedhoff shows how you can master your anxiety and take back control of your life. After experiencing his own personal crisis that forced him to face his worst fears, Dr. Sedhoff now wishes to share what he’s learned so that you too can emerge stronger from the other side. Inside, you’ll discover:

·      actionable lessons to implement in your daily life to reduce stress and find peace

·      how to resolve different types of fears at their source, from day-to-day fears such as fear of failure to the fears of severe trauma, illness, PTSD, and death

·      how to prevent fears before they take hold

·      how you can tap into the secret fear-taming properties of nature

·       much, much more.

Whether you’re experiencing fear related to COVID or anxiety in your home, study, or workplace, you deserve to live a calm life. As you’ll learn, we each have the power to resolve our fears and choose our future.

Who among us doesn’t wish to truly tame their fears?

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