The Misunderstood Heroic Villain by Michael Aldinger

The story of a shut-in gamer transmigrating into his favorite videogame after death, though it would be as the first major boss that the hero party defeats on their journey. Here comes the widely misunderstood, sometimes heroic villain as he finds his way in this world and his path to survival as fate tries to find ways to get the hero party to kill him. There will be expansive world-building, interesting characters, and many tough decisions as this gamer finds his way into his new life as someone fated to be a small-time villain who was meant to be defeated by the hero. Will he find his path to survival, and will he reach the top of the food chain in this world that largely resembles the game but is a real world with some differences? What future does this vast world hold, with many people vying for their own power and positions as even the gods themselves plot and plan for what the future holds, and the future is what one makes it.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: