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The Twelfth Ring by Sam Clarke


"A very well written story full of adventure, humour, wit, and action. It would definitely deserve to be made into a movie."

For fans of Uncharted and Indiana Jones
Page Turner Awards Finalist

Fifteen-year-old Noah is shipped off to the Bahamas to spend time with a man he barely knows: his biological father Magnus.

His mother had always depicted Magnus as a penniless drifter so Noah is surprised to discover that he runs an archaeological consultancy from an amazing yacht equipped with military-grade security. Desperate to forge a bond with his father, Noah asks to be included in the consultancy’s next assignment – the search for a mysterious medieval ring.

Together with young uni drop-out Viggo and unrequited crush Isabelle, he follows the ring’s trail from Mexico to Sicily. But someone else is after it. Someone who will stop at nothing to lay his hands on it.

As Noah faces danger after danger to delve into the ring's mystery, he discovers the truth about his father. And it’s a revelation that will change his life forever.

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