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The Year of Secrets by Silvia Villalobos

A mystery novel in the style of Michael Connelly's stories set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. After a difficult year, Zoe Sinclair seeks solace in vain. Her life takes an unexpected turn when her law mentor is found dead, and a series of disappearances grip everyone's attention. In the midst of L.A.'s captivating but mysterious scenery, she is soon pulled into a web of secrets that have been kept hidden for too long. Unexpected encounters reveal that strangers know too much about her. Her friends become suspicious, and secrets, once whispered, ignite the flames of reckoning. She defies caution and joins forces with the LAPD. Together, they unearth a truth that shakes the core of her world and forces Zoe to tap into her inner grit, revealing newfound strength.
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