Date: 22 November, 2020

“The Official Star Wars Killer!”

Joey Sadowski is just your typical teenage thug trying to make a living on the streets of New York. Luckily enough, Joey also lives in a world where monsters, aliens, and all the supernatural sorts run alongside humanity, and Joey has his eyes set on an alien ship that landed in the forests of Ohio.

Upon reaching there, Joey discovers the occupant of the ship, an alien woman named Lezura, who fled to Earth from mercenaries with a very valuable artifact. The zallerbrix, one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Joey helps Lezura retrieve her spaceship from the military, and seeing the opportunity for growth off Earth, leaves with Lezura for outerspace, embarking on new adventures across the stars to meet strange places and folks, and join the Upsinodron Defense Force which Lezura is a part of.

But their journey will not be an easy one, as the mercenaries are still in hot pursuit of them and the zallerbrix, and Joey discovers that Lezura’s life, though a wondrous one, is also filled with many perils Joey will not be able to escape. Luckily, their travels also come with a giant robot at their disposal.

99 Cent Bargain Book from November 22 – December 10, 2020