Date: 26 January, 2021

From the author of the Rose’s Ghost Trilogy and Asylum comes a thrilling new tale featuring familiar characters…

Peyton’s come a long way from the awkward twelve-year-old girl we met in That Summer, but her incredible gift is still wreaking havoc with her life. In her ongoing quest to find others like her, she’s unknowingly left a trail of breadcrumbs to her front door – for commiserating friends and desperate souls, alike.

But she couldn’t have predicted the lengths one visiting stranger would go to take advantage of her ability to talk to the dead. She’s never been good at predicting the actions of people, dead or alive, But this time her weakness – combined with the all-encompassing need of her captor – results in her disappearance.

Her advantage? Those who love her will do everything they can to find her and bring her home, including the recruitment of two uniquely qualified women. Will Margot – a pioneer in the world of science and the supernatural, and Charis – a sometimes reluctant, but highly gifted psychic – succeed in using their own special talents to see clues the police simply can’t?

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