Date: 17 December, 2020

“An amazing and well-told tale…Simply brilliant..” ..” Duff McKagan, Guns N’ Roses Bass Player

If there ever was a time when our world needed healing, that time would be now.

Darko is a perfect parable for the times, offering the promise of hope. Johanee has been born full of purity and light , and is growing up in the Desire neighborhood, an area troubled by prostitution, addiction, alcoholism, and crime. Desire is also plagued by broken families, absentee mothers, and missing fathers. Yet Johanee appears devoid of the corruptions which are visited upon others. She is the essence of love and innocence.

In this epic tale of spirit and faith, we see the coming of a female messiah who may very well be the last and best hope to save the world. Johanee is a modern-day Joan of Arc, a saintly figure who has the ability to address the complex issues that are threatening to destroy humanity.

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