Date: 15 November, 2020

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you always feel like you’re out of control?
Do you feel like a puppet—like someone else is always pulling your strings?

Do you wonder why you continue to fall for lies and why you’re so easily manipulated?
Have you ever wondered how you can get the people who deceive and lie to you to quit?

This book will show you how Machiavellian people are adept at hiding the truth from you, and how they manipulate, persuade, and negotiate with other people.

With this incredibly handy guidebook, you will finally feel like you have the upper hand when dealing with Machiavellians—and any situation where you need to be persuasive or negotiate.
This book is full of stories, practical advice, and revealing information that helps you learn just how dark a Machiavellian’s mind is, and how you can shield yourself from their ploys. From business to politics, to your personal life, never again will you be the victim, sucker, or fool.
If you want to learn more about deception, get this book now!

99 Cent Bargain Book on November 15, 2020