Date: 25 December, 2020

In this easy to navigate unconventional baby weaning guidebook Margo explains how to safely include fruits, vegetables, raw leaves and flowers of edible ‘wild’ and garden plants, into meals and diet of babies, toddlers, breastfeeding mothers and whole family, and get great healing benefits. Tips for herbal remedies to improve and increase milk flow & production for breastfeeding mothers (galactogogues).

For new parents it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s the best for baby, especially when it comes to starting solids and cooking for baby. Margo believes happy and healthy start of baby clean diet sets you for success in raising happy healthy kids. In a world today words such as food intolerance, auto immune diseases, allergy, food allergen, children epilepsy are frequently used and not so shocking anymore, knowledge about safe food is crucial. What if you could raise child which is happy to eat most fruits/vegetables instead of picky eater? Happy eater. This book unlocks that possibility for you – get knowledge and learn tips when and how to get started, basic healthy first baby food preparation, essential health and safety. Make your weaning journey easy, smooth, enjoyable and a success.

MARGO is a creative health, nature, happiness and simple life enthusiast, globetrotter, environmentalist, working as a maternity nurse and baby nanny for the last two decades with babies and families all around the world. Coming from a “western medicine” background, growing up in a family of farmers, connected to nature through gardening & foraging, her personal journey of research, trial and error in her own diet and aim to find true balance and heal-yourself-with food way of living translated into her approach to new mothers and babies, implementing knowledge about raw food, herbal medicine and gentle transition to healing foods to nourish whole family.

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