Date: 25 May, 2021

The Philippines is possibly the most intriguing nation of maritime Southeast Asia. The archipelago has almost eight thousand islands that form the apex of the Coral Triangle of the Asian Pacific, as well as abundant marine life that constitutes almost half of this magnificent area’s oceanic megadiversity.

Created from volcanic activity, the archipelago offers everything from extensive beaches to tropical forests and Himalayan-type highlands. Lush valleys and world-renowned rice terraces nestle between the mountains and volcanoes. The Philippines boasts an overwhelming array of biodiversity, both fauna and flora, with many of the species being endemic.

The islands have not always been as distant from the mainland, and as sea levels rose and fell during the ice ages, the Philippines became home to successive waves of migrants over the millennia. The Philippines is as old as it is beautiful, and it has produced one of the earliest examples of ancient humankind on Earth and provides a wealth of ancient artifacts from human civilizations, as well as prehistoric creatures.

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