Date: 29 June, 2021

From being the home of some of the first people in America to being the birthplace of the United States, Virginia has had an incredibly rich and interesting history even before its inauguration as a state. Virginia was once the most populous and affluent state in the country and the birthplace of many of the most important figures in early United States’ history.

Yet, despite Virginia’s successes and great heritage, it has, for much of history, been a divided state that has found itself debating even the most basic rights and issues. This, of course, is no more obvious than the splitting of Virginia into Virginia and West Virginia in the years following the American Civil War.

For all the generational Virginians who take pride in every aspect of their state’s legacy, there are newcomers who arrive to work for the Pentagon, the CIA, and the other important government and military hubs in Virginia who do not look so fondly on Virginia’s history. Yet, regardless of how right or politically correct Virginia’s history may appear, it is incredibly interesting for all those wondering how this southern US state became the way it is today.

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