Date: 14 May, 2021

World War I has been raging for almost 3 years when Maude meets an Australian soldier at a dance.

They fall in love but are torn apart through the war. Maude subsequently gives birth to an illegitimate child, a daughter Florence.

The story evolves with Maude’s life in a small Oxfordshire town. Her life is very blissful and so happy with her now husband and family when tragedy ensues.

How does Maude survive? Florence now an adult meets Bill, a Cornishman, just before to the outbreak of World War 2. They marry have two children, Jan and James. Bill, at the onset of war, is immediately called up and sent to France. He is eventually captured by the enemy and incarcerated for 5 years.

When war finally comes to an end, Bill returns home sadly not to a happy homecoming. He becomes dreadfully sick when their lives change completely.Eventually, daughter Jan, now a teenager, begins life with all the ups and downs and excitement of teenagers.

However, she marries and within a short period of time divorces her husband Keith, leaving her with two sons to rear alone.Jan does eventually develop her social standing and moves on with the hustle and bustle of life with work and sons Jonny and Rickie. During this time she experiences some amazing and wonderful moments with her knowledge, understanding and direction.

However, her life eventually becomes a little complicated.

Does she risk having her heart broken again.

Where does it all end?

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