Date: 9 August, 2020

Tsar Nicholas II is a complicated and controversial figure in Russian history. His rule came on the heels of his autocratic father’s death, and his succession to the throne led to a revolving door of conflicts, from a brutal and bloody coronation to the eventual collapse of the Romanov family as a whole through the efforts of the Russian Revolution. As Nicholas II was such a crucial figure in shaping Russia, he deserves further inspection into his story of what guided him, what hindered him, and what led him to serve as the face of the total collapse of the over 300-year-old imperial dynasty.

In fact, Tsar Nicholas II’s life ended in such an abrupt and violent manner that historians would wonder about the details for years after the event. Not only did the tale of Nicholas II lead to an enigmatic assassination of an entire family, but it also marked a distinct turning point for the history of Russia that affected the rest of the world. To understand the catalysts leading up to the final execution of an entire royal family, though, it’s important to step back and observe how Nicholas went from a cherished heir to the Russian throne to the last tsar that Russia would ever know.

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