Date: 19 July, 2021

People all over the world are fascinated with royalty. And Queen Victoria herself, despite being gone for over 120 years, still holds us spellbound when we consider her life and legacy. She came to power during a time of great change. Technological change in the form of new inventions and rapid industrialization were taking place, as well as the great political changes that were occurring in governance.

In the first few years of her reign, great social upheavals, such as the potato famine in Ireland and the so-called “Chartists” revolts, were enough to keep even the most experienced of prime ministers up at night, yet Queen Victoria kept a steady hand throughout it all. Her beloved husband, Albert, was often viewed as a great stabilizing force for the queen, but when his life was cut short at just forty-four years old, she had to look elsewhere for comfort.

Nevertheless, through all of the pain and heartache, the queen showed a determination few world leaders could match. And by the time of her Diamond Jubilee, which marked sixty consecutive years of her reign, there was no question of just how special she was. Here, in this book, you will learn of this great monarch’s life and legacy like never before.

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