Date: 1 March, 2021

Julie Pastel learns there are advantages to taking risks. Burkie Vivid learns that fame comes to those that
least expects it…as does a true friend.

Julie spouts Shakespeare when annoyed or anxious, never dated in high school, and views the romantic world
through books and movies. She comes from a modest background, is not athletic, is on her way to college on
Scholarship, never has had a true friend and never takes risks.

That is about to change when she meets the outrageous, outgoing, outspoken, wealthy Burkie.
and has plans for the uptight Julie to introduce her to the world of dating.

A humorous and touching look at growing up of two young women who seem such polar opposites and
find themselves in a series of crazed and comedic situations starting with their appearance for
tryouts with the college’s football team.

The action goes smoothly and fluidly in this disarming comedy that’s an absolute hoot to read.

Dr. Richard is fabulous as the dastardly history professor who is determined to rid the college of athletes,
starting with the college’s newest female football players.

Read “Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood” by J R Evangelisti for only $1.99 from March 1 – 31, 2021