Date: 27 August, 2020

You would think that the Crystalmakers would notice the re-appearance of the magnificent glasaur – a bird and a steed that once bore them on powerful legs and wings through the mountains of Si’Empra.

You would think that Skyseekers would not be so blind as to ignore that the glasaur is loyal to the king’s daughter – the one chosen to replace him.

But tradition, revenge and greed are blindfolds, and the king’s daughter, Ellen, runs into the mountains with her glasaur to look for peace and harmony rather than become embroiled in abuse and discord. She makes friends, has her own blindfold lowered and comes to know the true worth of the glasaur gift she has been gifted.

Gentle and dreamy, yet courageous, impetuous, insightful and determined, Ellen is disgusted by injustice; duty runs deep in her veins. She is trained to rule; born to understand the nature of fractures that split societies apart. With the glasaur always at her side, she dares to challenge regimes that have too long seen the gradual dying of her unique, harsh but beautiful island home.

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