Deal : Young Adult

Date: 25 May, 2021

FIND YOUR CARROT will help you organize your life and your heart to be true to yourself. This book is a game changer to help you thrive and flourish in your career and throughout your life. 99 Cent Bargain Book from May 25 - June 8, 2021

Date: 22 May, 2021

The notorious Juniper Thimble is destined for execution. Caught stealing the king’s crown-in addition to her long list of crimes-she has only one way out. Juniper must survive the biggest, most deadly con of her life, commissioned by the king himself. Disguised as the crown prince’s lover, she is forced to protect him with her life...literally. Guarded by a surly squire, relentlessly attacked by demons, and surrounded by mysteriously disappearing servants, Juniper must dispatch the threat to the prince’s life before they find out who she really is. 99 Cent Bargain Book from May 23 - June 20, 2021

Date: 17 March, 2021

Hoover High sophomore, Ali Harvist, and reality show ‘It’ girl, Chloe Winterhaven, exist in two completely different worlds. When Ali’s family abruptly relocates from Ohio to the exclusive oceanside community of Mulholland Creek, California, the lives of these young women unexpectedly collide. Attending the same school that serves as a backdrop for the hit television show Mulholland High only adds to the drama. In alternating first-person chapters, follow the young women as they contend with an exclusive play premiere, a manipulative (and unfortunately all-too attractive) ex-boyfriend, budding new loves, and a slimy executive producer – all while the cameras are...

Date: 15 March, 2021

For fans who loved Divergent comes an astonishing dystopian romance like no other. Mallory's been hiding who she is for 18 years... But now her terrible secret has been exposed. Branded Irrelevant, Mallory is cut off from everything she knows. Irrelevants are criminals, banished to live in the old city. But in the wasteland between the new city and the old, she stumbles on Cristan. He's bitter, paranoid, and possibly crazy... He may also be right about everything. To survive, Mallory must figure out who to trust, and embrace the behaviour she's been taught to deny. The answers may lie...

Date: 2 March, 2021

An orphan boy. A mysterious stranger. A city in crisis. When 14-year-old Lance is saved from death, his life is forever changed. For starters, his savior claims to be King Arthur, the once and future ruler of ancient Britain. Lance has met lots of weirdos on the streets of L.A., and they claim to be many things. But this “king” not only reeks of sincerity, he wears armor, rides a gorgeous white horse, and lives in the storm drains underneath the city! Arthur has a throne, old-school clothes, and weapons up the wazoo. Swords, daggers, bows and arrows—the kind Lance...

Date: 13 February, 2021

Tarō is the heroic tale of Japan’s legendary boy samurai. Author Blue Spruell reimagines traditional Japanese folklore in an historical fantasy adventure filled with samurai swords, martial arts, and mythical creatures from old Japan. Lost in the mists of Mount Fuji . . . But no one can escape destiny. FREE eBook from February 13 - 14, 2021

Date: 9 February, 2021

What is an amnesiac to do? In a world of monsters, a stranger with a lost, forgotten past seeks the great wish-granting king for answers. But is it worth the cost? Finding himself in a world he doesn’t understand, with a voice in his head and a strange being guiding him, he travels to the city of Astra where the great king dwells. And the answers might be found. With the friends he makes along the way, this stranger faces each new challenge the world throws at him in this journey of action and adventure. With no memories to guide...

Date: 13 December, 2020

Her dreams died with her mother. With the death of their mother and absence of their father, Meagan and her two brothers are placed in foster care, beneath the watchful eye of the Agency and its new Forever Homes Initiative. The promise was that they would find a new home. A new family. A new start. Daniel has been in his for months without a word, and now the Agency says they have a Forever Home for Meagan, but not her littler brother, Benjamin. She has already lost her mother and her older brother. She will not lose Benjamin, too....

Date: 12 December, 2020

Seventeen-year-old Natalya Wells has one mission-to kill the monsters over the graffiti wall and rescue her best friend, Eve, who is held captive by Ascendants, the rulers of the fourth dimension. A dying land where children become victims of starvation and violence. When the Remnants, evil red-eyed demons, invade the fourth dimension, Natalya is transported to the next world. The fifth dimension is a place where grass shrivels, dies, and regrows all in a matter of seconds. The heat of the sun cannot be felt because the sky is encamped by a mural of glass. Natalya meets Jance, who belongs...

Date: 26 September, 2020

The Kid learned the hard way that you can try to be a pacifist in a world full of clenched fists, stiff upper lips and mean looks, but it won’t get you far—and it might get you killed. A true story that happened years ago. FREE eBook from September 26 - 27, 2020