Date: 17 February, 2021

In The Low FODMAP Diet Guide for Beginners, you will discover: The intricate relationship between food and your gut – discover WHY you have digestive problems, and HOW to get rid of them for good A comprehensive guide through various digestive disorders, to help you determine how strict you should be with your diet The most detailed low-FODMAP diet guide ever, including a definite list of low and high FODMAPs, the effect they have on your body, and the benefits you’ll reap once you endorse this diet An instruction manual for starting and staying on the low-FODMAP diet: discover how to survive the elimination phase, and how to substitute high-FODMAPs with their diet-friendly versions Proven strategies for cooking and baking while on this diet, including a guide through low-FODMAP flours, spices, and sauces A mini-cookbook containing breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to help you get started Examples of recipes for diet-friendly snacks and desserts: discover how you can give in to your cravings and stay healthy at the same time And much more. Even though this diet is most often advertised as a diet for those suffering from chronic digestive conditions, it’s incredibly helpful for those who struggle with mild symptoms as well.

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