Date: 13 June, 2021

Stephanie leads a quiet life in small-town Indiana. It is best to keep a low profile. The town is dangerous. Everyone knows there is human trafficking around. The police can’t seem to do anything about it.

Stephanie lives with her mom and her younger, autistic sister Amma.

Stephanie takes Amma to Frumpy’s, a nearby convenience store, to get Amma her favorite drink. Finding Frumpy’s has run out, Amma has a meltdown in the middle of the store.

Stephanie tries unsuccessfully to calm her when the New manager of Frumpy’s appears. He’s handsome, mysterious, and talks to Amma as though he could read her mind. After Amma is calmed, the mysterious stranger introduces himself as Lee.

The way he worked with Amma, Stephanie thinks Lee must be some kind of angel.

Lee is an angel.

The Divine, the force that guides Lee as to what he is to do in the world, brought Lee here to stop human trafficking. He didn’t expect to meet anyone like Stephanie. Relationships with mortals aren’t new to Lee. Entanglements just get in the way of the mission. But there is something about Stephanie that draws him. Could the divine want him and Stephanie together? How can he serve the divine while exposing Stephanie to the dangers of the Traffickers?

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