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Her Millions Are Worthless by Bela Feketekuty

Date: 07/12/2024
Jane has it all – youth, beauty, intelligence, and wealth – but misses true love. Then she meets Bill, a poor but proud young man who reads online articles most of the day. Despite her...
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Date: 07/01/2024
"Looks like daddy’s princess has a naughty side.” According to my father I'm not pretty, thin, or perfect enough. As the mayor of our town, he wages war against the Steel Knights MC. Too bad...
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Date: 06/17/2024
"Be a good girl and do as you're told," His baritone voice thunders through the hall. Attending a sinister party with my stepmother... The knowing eyes of strangers send chills down my spine. Suddenly, a...
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Shooting Stars by Skye Bothma

Date: 05/19/2024
Catherine Marshall is used to being invisible. Although she’s intelligent and talented, she’s an underachiever and lives her life in other people’s shadows. She has a job she hates and dreams she’s too afraid of...
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